Film name: Barn Owl
Film duration: 4:14
Author Name: CJ WildBird Foods Ltd
Genre: Identify our Owls
Identify our Owls

This spectacular clip provides complete coverage of all 13 species of the European Owls. With up to five minutes of excellent commentary and superb voice clips per species, you will soon learn to recognise these owls. This film also provides background information on their habitat, way of life and behaviour.

This clip is narrated by Welshman Lolo Williams, a well-know and highly respected birdwatcher and wildlife broadcaster. A lifelong conservationist, Lolo began his career with the RSPB before branching out into the media. TV credits include a number of projects for BBC Wales, Visions of Snowdonia, Wild Wales, Wild Winter Lolís Special Reserves, Lolís Natural History of Wales and Loloís Welsh Safari.

Filmed by:
Plomp Digital Video

Produced by:
CJ Wildbird Food

The Rea
Upton Magna

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