Film name: Introduction
Film duration: 22:27
Author Name: Malcolm Rymer
Genre: Gambia

A rich variety of fascinating bird species, exotic landscapes, interesting culture and
a wonderful climate make the small West African country of The Gambia a popular
winter-sun birding destination.

After seven weeks of travelling and filming in the country, naturalist Malcolm Rymer
documents the bird-life and the diverse species-rich habitats in a trilogy of birding

This, the first film -"Sorties around the Smiling Coast" serves as an introduction to
The Gambia's bird-life, examining the varied habitats and wildlife found around the
main coastal tourist centre.
The companion films - "Forays Further Afield" and "Upriver Odyssey" continue the
adventures deeper into the country.

Produced by:

Malcolm Rymer,
Pinfold, Halstead,
Tel 0116 2597626

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