Film name: Eagles and Vultures
Film duration: 10:28
Author Name: Malcolm Rymer
Genre: Gambia

An "Upriver Odyssey" concludes a trilogy of birding adventures in the West African country of The Gambia. In this travelogue, naturalist Malcolm Rymer ventures upriver as far as Basse, exploring the many bird-rich habitats around Tendaba. Georgetown, The North Bank and the Upper River Division.

Join Malcolm and colleagues in search of the region's special birds - fascinating raptors, beautiful bee-eaters, enigmatic Egyptian plovers, African pygmy geese and dozens of other noteworthy species.

The two companion films "Sorties around the Smiling Coast" and "Forays further afield" study the birdlife of the Western River Division.

Produced by:

Malcolm Rymer,
Pinfold, Halstead,
Tel 0116 2597626

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