Film name: Introduction
Film duration: 12:20
Author Name: Malcolm Rymer
Genre: Goa

A combination of beautiful landscapes, fascinating culture, friendly people, wonderful weather and a staggering wealth of birdlife make the Indian state of Goa an intriguing birding destination.

Naturalist Malcolm Rymer captures the essence of this popular Goan destination in two comprehensive birding travelogues. In the first film, "The Fish Owls of Cowpat Corner", Malcolm looks at Goa and introduces its rich avifauna.

In this companion video "Flamebacks and Frogmouths" he continues his Goan adventures, exploring a range of different habitats and bird species further afield. He visits coastal regions in the far north, the bird-rich wetlands of Santa Cruz and Carambolim, birds the Zuari River and goes in search of sought-after species inhabiting the picturesque forest regions of Cotigao, Bondla and Molem in the Western Ghats.

The two videos will interest both the newcomer to the Indian sub-continent and also seasoned birders already familiar with Goa.

Produced by:

Malcolm Rymer,
Pinfold, Halstead,
Tel 0116 2597626

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